Wikilocs route into Mapfactor
  • I am trying to download .gpx routes from Wikilocs for use on my motorcycle. The route downloads OK (500 waypoints). I then use Route Importer to convert the file so that I can navigate it within Mapfactor but when I try to load the file from My Places, My Routes, I always get the message 'Unfortunately Navigator has stopped'. What am I doing wrong? Regards Colin
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  • possible because 500 waypoints is too many?
  • When you say route file with 500 points, you mean a track file. A route file almost never has more than 40-50 points.
    For gpx there is a difference between waypoints, routes and tracks although they can be mixed and a gpx file can also contain multiple routes, tracks and waypoint (segments).
    A real route file is setup of <rtept lines.
    A track file of <trkpt lines
    and waypoints of <wpt lines

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