v16 versus spain map
  • I had an old v14 version with an old map, it worked without problems, yesterday i updated it with the new map and no problem, but when i updated the program to v16, i can't see the map, fortunately i had done a backup so i have no serious problem, i just keep running v14 with the new map, but ... well, if there is a v16 i would like to run it ...

    I also did all kind of update variations, but the results are always the same ... 

    My PNA is a WayteQ x960BT with Windows CE 6.0
    The v14 which runs is the v-14.1.2
    The v16 which does't run was ... i don't know, the one that yesterday was online
    The map which works is also the one that yesterday was online

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  • v16.0.4 and Spain maps of June and August work on my WinCE 5.x


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