Mapfactor - french polynesia map
  • Hello,

    I am looking for a map of Tahiti in Mapfactor Navigator.
    Does someone know if it exists and in wich country ?

    Thx !
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  • it is not in Navigator at this moment, I will pass it on
  • I thought I have had that earlier, but I don't find it any more. Maybe I mixed that up with the Map "Polynesian Isles" from Openandromaps. Those cannot be used with Mapfactor. You would have to have Oruxmaps for example, which specializes also on offroad maps and routing.
  • @tomas You should consider to create such a map. French Polynesia has nearly 300000 inhabitants and 200000 tourists a year. But no map.

    Kiribati has 100000 inhabitants and 6000 tourists a year and you have a map for them!

  • I know this is old but I added the French Polynesia map some time ago, please try it.

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