Favourites import/export and coordinates
  • I like that I can store favourite places in the Android app. However, I am missing a function to import/export all (or a set of) favourites.

    I can export a single favourite, yes. But your documentation (the pdf) is wrong on how this goes, it says "Your email client will open with a new message and a GPX attachment". No, it is an http google maps link.
    Manually adding or exporting favourites one-by-one is too tedious.

    In the Android app I did find your favourites.xml file where they are stored. However, I cannot make sense of the coordinates used in that file, e.g.
    <item name="DAV Darmstadt Lichtwiesenweg" lat="179500992" lon="31227296"/>
    How do these coordinates translate to the usual geocoordinates, for above example s.th. like lat=49.861385 lon=8.67429 ?

    I would appreciate to know that translation (and think it is worth adding this info to the pdf documentation), then I could help myself.
    Thanks & regards
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  • coordinates are in miliseconds, simply devide by 3,600,000 to get decimal degrees
    e.g. 179500992/3600000=49.86138666666667

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