asking for help from Greece!having mapfactor application with bought tomtom maps : some questions :
  • Hallo from Greece !!!, 

    i am Anastasios Mimikakos (or my nickname "tassos photography")  , 

    i have since some months "mapfactor " application and at the same time bought  the tomtom maps .. 

    I Have some questions : 

    1. i have bought my country's map (Greece) if i buy "Europe's" map does it improve sth inside my country or its only for those who travel abroad ? 

    2. the application mapfactor , has lots of settings and advanced settings , is there any ebook explaining each setting even if it isnt for begginers in Greek  !! ? , if not .. at least in English 

    3. is there any PAID version of the application ? ie to upgrade it to even better ? , or its remains same .. free application and paid maps ? 

    4. if i find mistakes in maps , in which site or email should i attend ? to mapfactor's or tomtom's ? 

    thanx for your space !! 

    waiting your answer(s) here or in my email 

    i am attaching you some screenshots of my phone to understand more .. image

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  • 1. maps for greece would be the same, may be just newer version
    2. manual is here -
    3. application is the same for both free and paid maps, you can buy premium features in Tools
    4. TomTom
  • Tomas ,
    You are perfect .. and very quick !!!

    Really thanx you !!

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