V2.2.37 bugs - Hotel POI and simulated route
  • In using the above version, I have found two apparent bugs.
    1. Checking the "Hotel and Motel" in either the "Travel and Accommodation" or "Tourism and Religion" POI type settings does not work.  The box is checked, but when going to the map, no hotel icons are displayed.  When going back to the setting menu, the selection is seen to be unchecked.  So it seems the selection is being automatically unchecked in the background.
    2. The app freezes when using the "Simulate route" feature.  Tried simulating a simple route with a single Departure and Destination.  Route is in Switzerland down a single road.  Actual device GPS location is in USA.  "Calculating route" appears, then app freezes.  Must use app manager to stop app.  Simulated route works OK if route is near actual GPS location.
    Using Galaxy S4 with Android 5.0.1

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  • I can confirm the POI error, but not only for Hotels. It is erroneous for all POIs.
    I also display some POIs for Administration, some for Tourism, etc.
    When adding a new one, the choice is not remembered.

  • I can see hotel icon on the map
    I switched restaurants off and then on and it was remembered
    please give deatiled instructions
  • Settings -> Map customisation -> POI types; 
    Select a category (like Travel and Accomodation), set "Hotel or Motel" (now the checkbox is set)
    Leave Settings, open map -> No hotels/motels

    Go back into Settings -> Map customisation -> POI types
    Select a category (like Travel and Accomodation) -> The previously selected hotel/motel checkbox is again unchecked.

    Edit: You also did it the other way round: You switched one off and back on. We tried to switch a new one to on.
  • OK, I switched off hotels and they disappeared from map
    I restarted navigator and hotels were unchecked and not on map
    I switched them on and they do not appear on map
    will pass it on

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