Bug? "Search the middle"-sign doesn`t go away after searching something along the route
  • Hello,
    I don`t know, if this is bug, or what I could do to eliminate it.

    When I have a route, then search something along the route and mark all results and let them show on map:
    They are shown as orange signs. But then there is also another orange sign "searching the middle". Okay, I don`t mind.
    But that "searching the middle"-sign doesn`t go away, even while driving / navigating. And that`s really bad, it confuses me a lot. And often it even overlays my results of that search along the route.
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  • Hi, can you please email screenshot?
    support at ...
  • Hello Tomas,

    sorry, I missed the mail, that informed me about your answer for my question.
    I send you a mail with the screenshots to support (at) mapfactor.com and to android (at) mapfactor.com (I wasn`t sure about the mail-adress).

    Thanks, Bettina
  • Hello Tomas,
    can you also add info how to get of POIs itself, which clutter the screen - how to switch off POI overlay?

  • settings > POI types
  • No, Tomas, the POI overlay can't be switched off/on in Settings > Map customisation > POI types.
    What we can do here is select/deselect any of the 87 individual POI icons.
    Of these, I often want to see 38 - but they also often just clutter the screen.
    So, I can individually select all my icons when wanted - and individually deselect all my icons when not wanted.
    This way of doing it is of course possible - but awkward and tiresome.
    A check-mark to show/hide the POI overlay is needed.

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