synchronization of routes/poi/settings between devices
  • Hi there

    I'm on a long lasting journey in the search for the ultimate navigation software-solution. Yesterday I've come across mapfactor and I really like it. Especially the possibility of being able to plan a route on a (larger) pc an then transfer it to a smartphone.

    However the process of getting your "routing_points.xml" to your android-device is rather painstaking.

    So I've come up with a partial solution:
    1. make an empty folder on your PC (let's name it "mapfactor_sync")

    2. sync "mapfactor_sync" with the android folder "android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/" with the help of syncthing
    This will copy (sync) the content from your android device to "mapfactor_sync".

    3. When synchronization is complete, you can copy the file "routing_points.xml" from your computer (something like "c:\users\"user"\roaming\Application Data\Navigator\16\") to "mapfactor_sync" and replace if it's already existing.
    From there, syncthing will take over and sync/copy the new route to the android device.

    4. the route created on the pc is now on your android device.

    The very interesting part is, that syncthing works both ways, so you should be able to get a route created on your android device to your pc by reversing step 3.

    The solution works only partially for multiple reasons:
    1. you have to copy files manually
    2. so far I've found no way to also sync settings (vehicle_profiles.xml and maybe others?).
    3. syncthing will sync all the subfolders, of which one contains all the maps. This makes it waste a lot of harddisk space on your PC and of course makes synchronization potentially slow.

    Therefore I'd like to make a feature request to adress these points:
    1. make as much of the settings (.xml-files) compatible within the different platforms (if they are not already).
    2. store them in a separate folder where only settings, favourites, routes... are being stored. These would be the folders that could be synchronized with syncthing.

    The neat thing about all this is, that it would work p2p, even if you had no internet but could connect the two devices over WLAN, and even with an ad-hoc setup this should work.

    Is there a chance, that this could be implemented?

    Thanks for considering


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