Can't open app!
  • When I try to open the app I get a message "checking data files integrity" followed by a "unfortunately, Navigator has stopped" message.
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  • most probably corrupted map files or faulty SD
    delete files in folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data and try again
  • That got the app going again, now faced with constant notices of "map upgrade available" even though I just finished downloading a new set of 5GB TomTom maps.  
  • you downloaded set you bought, it may not be the latest one
  • Maintaining this app is too confusing for me! I'm not a computer centric person, I just want a gps app that will give me directions and not require constant attention. Waisted some money on maps and extras - lesson learned!
  • I do not understand your comment - you can upgrade to the latest maps, or you can use those you bought
    what is difficult about it?
  • My point is that whenever I have opened the app needing gps directions I get, instead,  many interuptions - "you need to download maps, no maps installed", "do you want to purchase new maps or use open source maps","you have a map upgrade available", "checking data file integrity", everything but the ability to get directions! 
  • I am guessing here, but it looks like faulty SD to me
    normaly, once you download maps, you do not need to download them again
    try to install Navigator to the internal storage

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