Import tracks/routes and record tracks for windows 10 for pc
  • Hello!
    My question is the following how can I import a track or route and navigate it using MF for windows 10 on PC, I know it can be done pretty easily on windows phone or Android  but I havent read anything about it for windows 10 on this forum. SO is there a way to record/import tracks using MF for windows 10 for PC?
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  • Hello, are you sure it can be done on the Windows phone version?
    I run MF on both, a Windows10 phone as well as a Windows10 tablet but both versions seems to not support this functionality (?).
    Hopefully I missed something.
  • at this moment you cannot do it on WP version
  • Yeah sorry, I meant that android versions do support that , i thought that they did for all the mobile version but i was mistaken

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