export gpx
  • how to export gpx ?
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  • click on a GPX file in Tools/GPS recording and select Share
  • come on cant it be more cryptic  and hidden ?

    besides the only reasonable option is via email, cant even store it directly on the sdcard

    what a piece of shit software

  • you can copy files, folder  android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx
  • @curtisnewton You are invited to use any other software than Mapfactor Navigator. Better than insulting the product here. Be aware that many people if not most think, MFN is the best free navigation software available - so do I.

    May be your question was a bit short? Certainly @tomas thought, that you have a gpx-file created by Navigator. Sharing this file the way @tomas mentioned with my phone gives me at least a dozen different ways, including mail, Signal, Whattsapp, owncloud, total commander and others.

    The same applies, if you create a route, save this route (tools, calculate route, select alternative (if available), routeinfo, save (from tab routing points)), go to my routes then, pick route and share

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