"Carry on straight ahead" right until the turn
  • Hi,

    First of all, I find MapFactor Navigator to have the best instructions, and I value these "Carry on straight ahead" messages a lot.

    Now, I found that sometimes the 'carry on straight ahead' shadows the turn instruction, and in the case pictured above that leads to missing the turn lane (if followed blindly). Additionally, the voice prompt sometimes fails to tell about the turn.

    I have edited this intersection in OpenStreetMap a month ago (split ways to add lane count, turn lanes, added service roads) and I can't find anything I can change in the OSM to make it work.

    Could you please advise?

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  • It is very good that you improve OSM data by expanding it and improving it by adding the tags you mentioned. Thanks for that.

    However, it is a big NO inside the OSM community to further modify OSM data so that "some" (navigation) app can handle it, where (lots of) other apps might therefore have problems with that same "app driven improvement".

    Also: The fact that you changed it a month ago might just be too short a while ago. Depending on the date/time of your change it can take up 2 months before it is realized in the Navigator maps.
    So if you are lucky it is in next months maps.
    If not, the best would be to have a change in the software to facilitate these kind of "close together" instructions.
    This would be a feature/change request.
  • Hi hvdwolf,

    I'd like to clarify some statements. First of all, I see my edits applied in the latest map update. It used to make the similar kind of instruction, but now that I added additional service road, it starts telling to go straight ahead right until turn lanes start.

    Additionally I am not trying to adjust the tagging for the rendered/consumer, I am wondering whether there is any set of rules that I happened to trigger that caused this issue. I verified that all the roads are highway=service, so there's not much I can do except to add corresponding service=driveway or drive-through, so that these ways are excluded from the selection in MapFactor.

    For some short time that intersection had a duplicate way added in error and in another instance I had an incomplete speed profile that caused inefficient OSRM routing through a roundabout.

    I have tested the same path with other navigation applications and found no discrepancies (and none of these will tell me to just go straight through an intersection, so boo).

    Does this mean this is a valid feature request and not an issue with data/conversion?
  • We had the problem of splitted ways (roads splitted by greens, tramways, roadrails etc. in the middle) already earlier in this forum. Navigator always tells you to go straight, where you would expect a turn instruction (left turn für right side traffic and right turn for left side traffic). Since other navigation apps seem give the exspecated turn instruction I think, that it is still a bug of Mapfactor Navigator.
  • Turn instruction timing should be a function of speed and distance, overriding the carry on straight ahead instruction.
  • My experience is as follows:
    If a part of road with turn lanes in OSM-data is splitted anywhere between the beginning of turn lanes and the according junction, where they end, and at the point (node), where the road with turn lanes is splitted, another road begins, MFN doesn't advice the turns on the part of road before that splitting point. Unfortunately there is no information in OSM-data about the junction, which the turn lane leads through. So MFN 'things' by default, turn lanes always lead through the next possible junction. It will not be checked in this case, that this road leaves at the side, where the turn instruction leads to. In this case it's the added service road.
    (I hope, my declaration is understandable. My native language is German.)

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