Strange behavior with the latest Italian map and custom car profiles
  • I am experiencing a strange problem after the latest update to the Italian map. I saved the previous version of this map, so I can make comparaisons.
    With the new map, I found that certain well known routes (that I had used many times before) had changed. MFN is now preferring certain secondary roads, rather than primary roads or major roads. I have to say that most of the time, I use my own car profile and the problem exists not just with my profile but also with Shlublu's. (I had imported his profile a few months ago for testing). I made a test with default car settings and everythings works fine even with the new map. My car profile works fine only if I use the old Italian map.
    At this point Tomas will reply: "Please provide coordinates and we'll check" :)
    Coordinates are (for example) FROM 41°53'38.6"N 12°34'33.2"E TO 41°54'53.4"N 12°34'03.5"E
    My car profile is:
    motorway 105 70 50
    primary road 80 30 50
    major road 50 25 50
    secondary road 50 23 50
    local connecting road 50 20 50
    local road of high importance 50 18 50
    local road 50 15 50
    small local road 50 13 50 (enabled)
    other road (not enabled)
    The result I would expect is that the fastest route is the same as the shortest route, which is the case with default car settings...
    Thank you for your attention!!!
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  • I do get the same route and I have the latest maps
  • just to be sure... did you use default car settings or my car profile?
  • I tried both with the same result

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