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  • edit: sorry, I thought this was the German board. I tried to translate my original post:

    I mainly use GPS apps for bicycling. So far, CoPilot was my app of choice. However, the card material (here map) in CoPilot are quite lacking. Since MapFactor combines the excellent OSM maps with 3D-navigation, I decided to give it a try: Navigation works excellent, totally comparable to CoPilot. However, I noticed the following shortcomings which at least for me are quite disturbing:

    (1) You can't just skip stopovers automatically. If you miss one by not "hitting" it exactly, Navigator tries to guide you back to it. This can be quite confusing, especially when you don't realize what's happening. For this problem, CoPilot offers the very useful waypoints in addition to the stopovers. While you have to go through the stopovers, the same is not true for waypoints. It still tries to guide you to the next waypoint, but if you get to within 300 m distance or if you miss it but proceed in the right direction towards the next waypoint, it will simply dismiss the skipped waypoint. There is no fumbling in the menu to manually dismiss the waypoint. It would be very nice to see such a feature in MapFactor, too. It has already been suggested by other people several years ago!

    (2) When you plan your route, it is basically impossible to manually move the route through the roads you want it to go. In CoPilot you can simply drag and drop the route on your road of choice (if it is contained in the map, of course). In MapSource, I can see many roads that aren't present in CoPilot, but still, I can't force it to take a certain route. If I set a stopover, it will guide me to the stopover and after that, back to the original road as soon as possible (sometimes it will even suggest a turnaround). Example: I have given low priority to main roads and high priority to side streets. Still, although there is a side street just parallel to the main road, Navigator tries to guide me along the main road. The only way around this is looking at the map and just taking the side street myself, ignoring the directions of Navigator.

    (3) Battery drain is quite high. If I do the exact same route with CoPilot and MapFactor Navigator, the battery level will drop to 80-90% using CoPilot, and down to 50% using MapFactor! It's a 1h 30' ride with a total capacity of 2300 mAh. I don't know if this is because more detailed maps need more processing power, but it might be worth looking into this (it prevents using MapFactor for tours > 3 h).

    Thank you very much for considering this - it would combine the best of MapFactor and CoPilot and make it a rather perfect app :)

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