POI bug with park
  • I was looking for the POI "park Arboretum Trompenburg" in Rotterdam but I could not find it in Navigator. I knew it had to be there as I had already found it sometime earlier in another OSM nav app.

    It is tagged with leisure=park
    I tried 3 apps and Navigator is the only one who did not find it. Is Navigator only able to find "node" POIs, in relation to "way" and "relation" POIs?
    If so, Navigator misses a lot of POIs.

    When I move the map to the specific location and click the park and request info it does mention "Arboretum Trompenburg". So Navigator does know it.
    What kind of bug is this? Please solve
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  • I confirm this bug too. The app cannot find POI if it is a relation (for example, type=multipolygon, type=site). Thus, arrays of interrelated buildings, building with inner yards and areas with inner areas comprised of 2 or more members are not searchable.

    Maps.me and OsmAnd+ apps do search correctly.

    Please, correct this bug!

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