tomtom: Romanian streetnames missing
  • Using mapfactor on android with tomtom-maps europe since 2013 I am planing a trip to Romania now and found that major streetnames are missing on mapdisplay and in database, f.e. in the center of Timisora . Is there an issue with my tomtom maps and what can I do ?
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  • I looked in Town centre and can see street names, your map is out of date
    you can upgrade in Map manager/buy maps

  • Does that mean: "The 2016 maps are OK but  the 2013 tomtom maps for mapquest navigator might be incomplete"? 

    I am speaking about all major streets in the center of a major city of a country.


    In the outskirts street names are complete.

    Given this, I would  like to ask you to check options for a  free bugfix-update for the sake of mapfactor's excellent reputation.

  • this is not bug, TomTom maps simply progressed in three years
  • That is, why you should use OSM maps. They are nearly (if not more) as detailed as Tomtom maps, udated monthly and they are free :-D
  • I use OSM/openandromaps a lot for hiking and mountainbiking with orux. For routing purposes I moved  away from using OSM with Navigator after having experienced two database issues in one address:

    1. City: the only locality called  "München" (Munich) that  did not carry an extension (like "federal capital" or "near XY") was a small village 10 km north of Passau. In fact at this time I did not even see the federal capital on a selection screen,which might have been a navigator issue. So I had to enter a ZIP. Having done so I found that
    2. Street: The attribute "administrative district" was missing for "Josephsburgstrasse". I had to use an experimental navigator release to enter "near present position"...

    Is Navigator for sure more robust today to deal with this kind of scenario than it was 3 years ago? The other option these days would of course be to have a look at HERE for Android.

  • Definitely Navigator is! I remember well the discussion to "München" where you had to know the suburb of a street beforehand. Now you will find München-München (vs München - Weimar for example) and there you are.

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