Screen resolution on WinCE / Size of buttons
  • Hi tomas,

    i would really appreciate if we could change the size of the buttons and keyboard on wince devices. Many users of the german honda-board (Motorbike) are using the Blaupunkt Motopilot. The screen resolution is 480x320.
    At the moment the buttons are really small and the keyboard is not easy to handle.

    Do we have a chance ?
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  • may be send screenshot
  • Good Luck Imsadi, we have asked for motorcycle stuff before.
    It did not work then either.
  • I would like you to understand that we cannot please everybody all the time
    we get lot of suggestions and we heve our own ideas, from that we have to make priorities

    and believe me, even my ideas do not get implemented
  • Hi tomas,

    all the buttons of the setup menu and the other options should look like this:
    It is important that we can use the motopilot with gloves or
    at least with fingers .-)
    At the moment it is not possible to insert a street or city reliable
    because the keyboard buttons are to small.

    The keyboard should be usable at least half of the screen size.


    In my opinion the buttons should have the double size.
    Maybe i can figure this out by myself, but i donĀ“t have an idea where to begin.

    Anyway, thanks for your great work.
  • Are there any news to this topic ?
  • I doubt, if this is a question of Navigator but assume, this is a matter of the operating system.

    If it would be Android, I woul recommend to install a keyboard with extra big keys. You'll find that in Playstore. I wonder, if something like this is availabe in Win CE.
  • as i can see - the keyboard is hardcoded in the keyboard.xml file.
  • I don't find this file on my Android device. May be, this is specific to WIN CE.

    Now I found the file on my PC installation.

    You "simply" could change that code up to your wishes :-o. But don't ask my how, but there are others in this forum more familiar with editing xml.

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