How to save lat/lon co-ordinates into My Places Android Map Factor Navigator
  • I've worked out how to enter lat/lon into 'My Places' (maybe it's documented somewhere - I couldn't find it)
    If you already know the lat/lon as D.DDD start from C)
    If you already know the lat/lon as DMS.D then enter in browser as, say,°41'21.3"N+74°02'42.3"W
    A) Work out where the point is on Google Maps and click the point (or maybe very close by). 
    B) In the box at the bottom, it will display details, including (in grey numbers) the lat/lon address as D.DDD (degrees.decimals).  I got '40.689356, -74.044517'
    C) In Google Contacts, edit a contact and create a new address (maybe 'other' and called 'GPS') and type '@' followed by the Google Maps lat/lon
    It should now look like say '@40.689356, -74.044517'
    D) Save the contact
    E) Click on GPS address and open in Navigator, and 'Add to My Places' or view it or whatever you want
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  • you can enter 40:41:21.3  74:02:42.3
    if you click question mark on this page it will explain acceptable formats

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