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  • Hi,
    I bought the "alternativeroute" premium feature. On my smartphone (android) I can see that this feature is available, but nothing happens. After creating a new route I can not see any alternative route neither on "routeinfo" nor "navigation" window. What have I to do to use that feature?
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  • Tomas.... The three shortest or three cheapest should be no magic for the programmers.
  • is it set on in settings?
  • Please try a reboot of your phone/tablet.
  • do you use car?

  • You should get a map with three routes with different colors on it. At the bottom you can choose the route you want.
  • With me it also behaves as well as with Volkmar. Premium completely bought, advertisement is, however, it removes no alternative routes appear. Settings everybody OK, Reboot carried out no change.
    Galaxy S2 - Android 4/1/2
  • please email support and may be attach screenshots
  • ... is there any manual for implementing alternative routes. The general manual offered on internet has no chapter dealing with that!

    I use Samsung Galaxy alpha. Reboot does not change anything. Should I erase the Navigator app on my phone and reload it agein from Google play shop? Or get I lost the feature "alternative routes" ?
  • reinstallation is unlikely to help
    are you clicking Navigate from the Main menu?
    are you selecting Calculate route from Route info?
    best is to email
  • I too have bought the Premium features - and Alternative routes are marked 'In purchased pack' - but the feature is not available.
    Navigate on Main menu just starts navigation.
    Route info has no 'Calculate route' option - only 'Navigate'.
  • may be you set shortest route?
  • All optimisation modes (shortest, fastest, cheapest) give same result: no alternative routes - only navigate.
    I also tried a reboot - then checked Premium features: Alternative routes are in purchased pack - but this feature is nowhere to be seen or used.
    (Samsung GS3, Android 4.1.2)
  • please let us have departure and destination in coordinates
  • @moliha: You say it is in the "Purchased Pack", but that is in the "Tools" menu.
    Did you really enable "alternative routes" in your Settings?
  • "Alternative routes" in settings are enabled - gps is working - different departure and destination have been tried - it makes no difference: I can start normal navigation with the one and only route available - this works ok - but 'Alternative routes are completely absent.
  • @tomas : example coordinates:
    Departure: 55.30069 N, 10.39287 E
    Destination: 55.37634 N, 10.43003 E
    - note: many alternative routes would be possible

  • with default car settings I get two routes, 14km 10min nd 12km 12min
    are you using default car settings?
  • @tomas : Using default car settings with no road restrictions except 'Other roads'
  • and you use Tools > Calculate route?

  • From My places, I select and set a destination. Tools > Calculate route gives me only other sources for a destination. Either way, I only get the option to 'Navigate' - no Alternative routes.
  • not sure what do you mean by 'other sources' - to calculate route you need to set both departure and destination

    where do you get option to Navigate? Do you click Navigate from main menu?
  • In 'Calculate route', the sources are Address, Google, Poi and Coordinates. Selecting any of these (or selecting from My places) gives me the options to:
    - Navigate
    - Set as departure
    - Set as waypoint
    - Set as destination
    - Add to My places
    - Show on map
    Having set a departure and a destination in any way, I can start navigation in any of these ways:

    - in the option list shown above, select Navigate.
    - on the home screen, select upper right icon Navigate.
    - in Route info, select lower left icon Navigate.

    All of these ways just calculates a route and starts navigation. All selected departures and destinations give this result only.

    'Alternative routes' do not appear anywhere under any circumstances - except in Settings, where this feature is shown with a check-mark.
  • please set departure and destination with coordinates you provided earlier
    then go to Tools and click Calculate route

    if you do not see two routes, email file vehicle_profiles.xml

  • Yesterday, I did a reboot to see if this would give me 'Alternative routes' - it didn't.

    Today, I tried a complete shut off and restart. This appears to have partly activated the feature : now 'Navigate' will calculate alternative routes to some destinations - while other destinations (with obvious potential alternative routes) still just start navigating a single route.

    If a departure is also set, the route(s) cannot be tested with 'Navigate' - this demands active gps and departs from present position - not the set departure.

    So, if a deparure is set, the route(s) can be previewed with either of these two methods:
    1) In 'Route info', select 'Show on map'.
    2) In 'Tools', select 'Calculate route'.
    A route map is then shown - but with one route only. No combination of departure and destination generates any alternative routes on the route map.

    @tomas said:
    "please set departure and destination with coordinates you provided earlier
    then go to Tools and click Calculate route
    if you do not see two routes, email file vehicle_profiles.xml"

    Ok, I will email the profiles to Mapfactor, but as noted above, Calculate route generates one route only with the coordinates provided - and any combination of departure and destination.
    Note: I use the Car profile with no road restrictions (except 'Other road').

    As the departure coordinates provided are my actual position now, I can set the destination provided and test with Navigate - this still just calculates on route and starts navigation.
  • Follow up information:
    I have mailed my vehicle_profiles.xml to @tomas.
    On his advice, I reset to defaults and sent this reply:

    Hi Tomas
    I have now reset to default settings (Backup and delete) with just a copy of my favourites restored.
    This (for some unknown reason) made a difference: using the example coordinates, Calculate route now presents the same two routes that you get :-)

    But note: this only works with routing mode set to fastest. If shortest or cheapest is selected, only one route is presented. I have checked with other departure and destination points - same results: alternative routes appatently works only with fastest routing :-(

    If this is intentional, I think you should add a note on this limitation in the 'Premium features' explanation of alternative routes. 

    Or better, make it work with all routing modes.
  • there is no alternative to shortest ot cheapest route
    any alternative to shortest or cheapest is not shortest or cheapest

  • no, it is not difficult, but is there really alternative to shortest route?
  • If the second (or third) fastest can exist, so can the second ( or third) shortest, cheapest.. :)
  • That's what I already said... Tomas does not like to think in rankings, it seems ;)
  • Tomas does not think at all :-)

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