System freezing on journey
  • Hi

    Love the product but I have a consistent problem. On any journey of any length, it jams at least once usually the most inconvenient moment - last night on a detour round road works on M23. Got thoroughly lost. Sometimes it shows a question mark (?) in the middle of the arrow but certainly not every time.

    It happened on my old phone and it's happening on my new one - Sony Aqua M4. (I mention that as I had thought it may be resource shortage, but that can't be the case now.) And it happened before the recent version update and it's still happening now.

    Sometimes the jam can be cleared by using the bottom right button to change views back to itself - i.e. go through the cycle - but that only works 50% of the time.

    Any ideas?

    Many thx


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  • This is mostly due to a corruption on your SD-card. Please check or reformat.

    Are you using the same SD-card in your new phone as in your old? If yes, then it is definitely your SD-card.
  • Ah, thank you HVDWOLF. Yes, I am using the same card.



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