Route deletion not working
  • Have installed Navigator 5 on my Windows 7 laptop. With no instructions it has taken me some time to work out how to use it.

    Am using oSM maps but find I cannot delete an unwanted route. It deletes from the route list in the menu system but does not delete on the map. Even restarting to app does not get rid of the route on the map. I have created a route using waypoints and I get double loops both going the wrong way. It appears to be ignoring a particular stretch of road. Don't know why. As I say I cannot get rid of the route from the map.

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  • Sorry. Version 15 not 5. Faulty keyboard.
  • do you mean route or waypoints?

  • Have been abroad hence late response.

    I do mean routes.

    What seeems to be happening is that the old route details remain and contaminates a subsequent new route I create. I have found a way round this by editing out the unwanted details before running the route.

    Otherwise this is very good software with particularly easy way of creating waypoints.

  • I am sorry, but I do not understand what the problem is
    do you mean favourite routes?

  • I think I do understand.
    Thing is, whenever you navigate or create routes, they are stored in the itinerary as starting and destination points.
    These points stay displayed on the map forever - unless you delete them from the itinerary or set new points.
  • Yes, check Routeinfo, Routing Points.
  • This problem applies to any route I load or create regardless of whether or not I have saved it as a favourite.

    I always create and save waypoints as favourites before I create the new route. That way it is quick and easy to create the route. As I say, having created the route I then have to go into Routing Points to uncheck the unwanted waypoints belonging to the previous route that I used. There appears to be no way of cancelling that preceeding route.

  • if you load routing points set from My places, then previous waypoints disappear
    if you just add departure or destination, then waypoint will remain - that is think is correct
  • Can find no menu option for My Places.

    I have now upgraded to version 16 and the problems are the same.

    If you create a route using waypoints then those waypoints continue to contaminate all subsequent routes you create until you go into Routing Points and uncheck them.

    This is a serious bug that needs to be fixed. Most other satnav software I have used has a "Unload Route" function. This software needs the same.

  • Sorry, I don't understand your problem.

    Just go to Menu/Route/Routing-Points/Delete all
    No need to uncheck them one by one.
  • It is not a bug, may be you want to just change or add one waypoint
  • I stand by what I have said. you obviously do not understand but I cannot say it more simply.

    Can I suggest you try it for yourself.

    Create a route with waypoints and run "Calculate" so that the route is loaded. Then create a different route just using a destination and again run calculate. View the new route on the map and you will see it includes the old route. To me that is a bug that needs fixing.

  • it includes old waypoints, not old destination
  • What you describe is imho correct behaviour. What you are doing is you just replace the destination point in your active route. You are not creating a new route. Of course all waypoints are kept.

    Needing a completely new route? So for heaven's sake just delete the old one.

    The only disturbing thing in this aspect is that when you delete the route in routing points the old route is still shown on the map, but not active any more.
  • but it disappears when new route is calculated
  • Between you have got the problem. However if you replace one route with waypoints with another also with waypoints the two sets of waypoints combine. Only the destination is replaced. You have to go into Routing Points and delete the old waypoints before you create or load the new route. Very clumsy. If you delete a route it is then not available for use in the future. It clears it from the memory store completely.

    Every satnav I have ever used always has a Cancel Route button at the top of the menu to solve this problem. You need the same.

    Whilst I am making suggestions your itinery menu item could do with a print function. A printed list is a very useful backup in case the satnav loses itself. I always carry one on my long trips through Europe. Also the mileages shown shown should be a running total not individual figures between places which is next to useless when driving.

    I hope you take up these suggestions. Keep up the good work.

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