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  • I have both OSM and TomTom maps on my device and have selected TomTom maps as my preference.  However, whenever there are updates to the OSM maps, I get a notification (fair enough) which if I then click on and decline to update, I am told there are no maps and asked if I want to download them.  If I decline again, the app exits.  The only way to access the app is to accept at least one of the updates.  Not sure if this has been reported and fixed in the upcoming Android release but it is quite annoying.
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  • I know that I can, Tomas, but you miss the point.  This is a bug and should be addressed as such I believe.
  • @tomas and @PrzemekSupak:  He is using Tomtom maps but the app wants him to download at least 1 OSM map. If he doesn't download an OSM map the app exists. So he has bought Tomtom maps, doesn't want OSM maps, and now he can't use the app.
    That is indeed a serious bug!

    In slightly different wording, because that point really annoys me: 
    Navigator really nags you once in a while with the add "buying Tomtom maps" even if you have paid for the "remove adds" add-on, and when someone uses tomtom maps, Navigator prevents him using the app because he needs to download at least one OSM map. That is really a bug.
  • you can switch notifications off in settings/check for updates
  • sorry, but why would this be bug?
    you are simply informed that there is a new version of maps installed on your device
    if you do not use free maps, you can unistall them and then you will not get notification
  • "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, ..."

    Try move OSM maps to another folder.
  • Can I ask other users if they experience problems such as this if they ONLY have OSM maps installed.  Also, Tomas, why should I remove the OSM maps?  I can switch between both to verify data etc and have done in the past.  I also want to maintain my map database so don't want to necessarily disable update notifications.  If I do, will this stop me from getting TomTom updates or do I not actually get any of these as part of the initial purchase?

    As to the bug, I would suggest it would be very simple to resolve.
  • With OSM maps only, I don't experience this problem. I agree it should be fixed.
  • Hello,
    I have only OSM installed and experienced a similar bug just today:
    1. Notification of updates -> chose to download them.
    2. During the last of several updates something went wrong, app said connection was interrupted. (Okay, that may happen.) Chose to make the last update some other time and closed the app.
    3. Next morning started the app. First error message something like "No access to external SD card. Maybe due to system update to Android 4.4?" and as I dismissed it second message: "No maps installed. Download?"
    4. I choose not to download, because I know they are on the device. I want to go to settings and check if the app remembers correctly that they were stored on the SD card. (Which is by the way perfectly accessible and I'm still running 4.1.2.) App exits, no way to interact.
    5. Restart app, choose download, so that I can somehow enter the app. Barely space on internal memory, luckily for Andorra + the mandatory earth.osm it is enough.
    6. Now I can go to settings. Strangely the folder where my old installation including more than 1GB of data resides is identified as "Internal Memory" and the one where navigator moved itself just now as "Extrnal SD-Card 1". (I believe I realized this error before when I had chosen the so-called internal memory after my first installation of the app.)
      image(<- This is how I found the settings. I had chosen the opposite.)
      I change the path back to so-called internal which is external really and close the app. It says it deletes some invalid data and exits.
    7. After restart it says for quite some time it verifies the integrity of data. But after some minutes and a restart it seems to work.

    So there seems to be a problem if an update that the app expects is not made.

    Best regards


    (All messages' wording may have been different. My system is German and I didn't immediately take notes.)
  • @amlumsden
    may be I do not understand what the problem is
    I thought you wanted notifications for TomTom maps only
  • Tomas, please read the initial post again... You are missing everything after "(fair enough)".
    The question about update was okay, but not what happened after declining (!) it.
  • Tomas, as stated before and by others, the problem arises if you decline to update maps.  You can no longer access the app as it states that no maps exist (when they do).  Only choice is to download at least one OSM map.  After I do, it suddenly finds all maps, including TomTom.

  • I see, it never happened to me and I decline quite often
    still, I will try it when I get notification
  • @amlumsden
    now I have notification, but cannot replicate your problem
    perhaps you can give step by step description of what you do?

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