MapFactor sub-menus need 'go back' option
  • With my single button Meizu M2 Note (Android 5.1) and no 'go back' button, it's very difficult to exit some of the sub-menus. 
    E.g. 'Settings' from Main Menu and 'Download Maps' from 'Map Manager' from Main Menu

    The only way I've found so far is to swipe-down from top to get task bar, and then select 'MapFactor Navigator - touch to return'

    Other screens get around this in various ways e.g. graphical map display has triple-bar option button bottom left, 'Tools' from Main Menu has (touch outside sub-form), 'Speed warning threshold' has 'Cancel/OK'

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  • please use back button on your device
  • There is one button on the device - and it seems that the function is different depending on whether I 'tap' it or 'press' it. As I was reading the single sheet instructions, I didn't notice that the words meant different things! 
    'tap' means Back, 'press' means Home.
    Sorry to have troubled you over this.

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