Severe instability of 2.x builds
  • Hi, I'm a long time Mapfactor user and since version 2.X I have serious problem with application stability.

    My current phone is Asus Zenfone 5, Android 4.3, 2GB RAM and Intel Atom Z2560 SoC.
    Stock software, Kernel 3.4.43. Without Google Play Services (framework is present, Google Play store works)

    Application can crash anytime for no apparent reason. On early 2.0.x builds from Google Play it could barely download map data due to constant crashing.

    Today I've tested version 2.1.56 and still it sooner or later crashes. Version 2.0.33 from Google Play, marked as stable on your server, isn't any better.
    Enabling hardware accelerated renderer only makes things much worse. Everything works, but is very unstable.

    Version 1.6.20 is the last stable version and the one I'm currently using.
    It works like a charm, rock solid, but I bought premium features mega pack and wanted to upgrade :) And restarting app while driving a car is somewhat dangerous  :P

    I've never had any problems with 1.x series on any phone. I even have on old PXA270 Windows Mobile running MapFactor :D

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  • None of version we made is without bugs. We monitor statistics about stability and for version 1.6.x there were reported about 250-350crashes per day. Version 2.0.x generates 50-100crashes per day.

    I checked crashes on Asus Zenfone 5 and there is one often crash, I forwarded problem to programmer who manages that problematic component.
  • Thank you for answer and forwarding crash problem.
    I understand you perfectly, since I am programmer too.

    What concerned me - and prompted to post my problem here - is that the problem is persistent on second iteration of 2.x series, and stable apk with version 1.6.20 was replaced with 2.0.33.
    (luckily I have local copy of 1.6.20 apk)

  • It've been 4 months .. and Navigator still crashes like crazy :( Using 2.1.97.
    do you have any information regarding this bug, has it been fixed?

  • go to settings andd click Send logs
    please insert link to this post
  • I am not sure which problem caused instability on your device, I fixed quite lot of serious issues in Navigator 2.2.x but I cannot say for sure if it fix your problem. I asked others to publish it on forum(to test it as much as possible and not few weeks before release) but I was quite unsuccesful.

    if you need stable 1.6.20, it is here:
  • Thank You, 1.6.20 is much more stable (not 100% stable, as I thought previously, but stable enough).

    Maybe you should include an option to dump stack trace in case of application failure, so I could send you some logs. Unfortunately, current logs doesn't seem to provide any useful information regarding crashes.

    The easiest way to reproduce the bug is simply to scroll map view, looking for something on map, for about 1-2 minutes (or less with hardware renderer enabled). It crashes less ofter during navigation.

    Do you have link to 2.2.x builds? 2.1 is more stable than 2.0, maybe 2.2 will be even better.

    I've just sent logs to android-log(at)
    do you need me to provide them here?

    Please note that not all logs are from crashes. But for example first entry from 4th od May is.
  • Problem is that it is quite problem to get C++ stack trace on nonrooted phone(in logs are only java crashes). We have also some log analyse tool but as it is not deterministic it is hard to reproduce problem localy.

    Versions 2.2.x are for internal testing for now, I am not allowed to send it to you.
  • I see...:/

    Would it be very hard to release special debug version for rooted phones?

    I would gladly run some tests for you and my phone is rooted.

  • I have different way to get C++ stack trace which works also on unrooted devices. If you are willing to install android SDK on your PC and spend about hour of time then write me private message and I will write you manual how to do it and I also will send you debug APK.
  • Sure :)
    I think Tomas has my private email already.

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