Navigating totally wrong and long way (set to short distance)

  • Why is this routing wrong...   

    Come out of drive..
    Cross over road through gap and turn right onto destination...

    Oh no...  Turn left
    Go nearly a mile out of the way to end up 150 yards to the right on the route to destination.

    Example of mapping (green line indicates wrongly planned route)

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  • please provide coordinates
  • From Google Earth showing correct exit and navigate

  • The following image it from using navigation

    The following image is from using Here Maps navigation

  • To check database, we need coordinates or Country, Town and Street as Tomas said. Al we can guess at the moment is a country with lefthand driving.
  • I provided details in a private message to Tomas as to not use personal details in a forum.
  • with default car settings my route is as per your picture
    please check your settings
  • Hi Tomas...  Everything was default from installation.  What would require changing in I assume
    Vehicle Profile/CAR.

    All I see in there is speed related restrictions and Vehicle type which is set to Car.

    Thanks, AJW
  • go to settings/advanced, click reset to default, select Backup and delete and then select vehicle profiles
  • Hi Tomas... wow.. that fixed it. Was was the issue??

    I assume some routings would have been effected because of that issue.


    Edited.... Not fixed
  • your vehicle settings, not sure what you changed, but vehicle_profiles.xml is backed up, so you could examine it
  • Hi Tomas... nope... doing same again.

    Reset as your guide... Did no changes and navigated using the provided details and worked. Then went into setting and came out without changing anything and it reverted back to the navigation issue. Definitely something wrong somewhere.
  • :-)
    are you sure you did not change anything?
    I go to vehicle settings several times per day
  • Exact procedure followed
    Start App
    >Reset To Default
    >Radio Button:Delete, tap OK
    >Tap OK again to confirm all selected
    >Exit App

    >Start App
    >Remember my Selection TICKED
    >Select Navigator (PAID One)
    >Start Navigator Button
    >Select Search
    >Select Google from top bar
    >Typed in the provided posted
    >Press Search button
    >Choose Address provided from search
    >Select Navigate from Popup
    >now showing to turn left instead of turn right as it should be.

    >Phone settings
    >Application Manager
    >Force Stop
    >Clear Cache
    >Followed steps above and same result, wrong navigation.

  • well, I repeated exctly your two steps and get turn right

    the only possible answer is that you do not delete vehicle_profiles.xml
    close Navigator and delete that file manually - folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • Did as you suggested.  Deleted all the XML files apart from vehicle_profiles.xml.
    Still same issue.
  • vehicle_profiles.xml is the one you have to delete :-)

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