TTS: make mentioning of street name configurable
  • When using tts you get an instruction like: "turn left into Champs Elyssee" (Paris) or "turn right into Calle de sta Engracia" (Madrid).
    And this is exact the problem with a non-native TTS like in above examples with english TTS in France and Spain.

    In the Netherlands I use SVOX TTS Dutch. In Germany/Austria I use Google TTS German. In England I use Google British English TTS. Simply because I do speak German and English well enough to use that languages TTS and to understand the street names. 
    There is no (free Google) Danish tts and I don't speak French well enough and I don't speak Swedish or Spanish at all, which means I use the Dutch TTS in those countries.
    In general when you only use one TTs or a few TTs's, you have the issue that street names are hardly understandable at best and complete garbage in general when using it in a country differently from the TTS language.
    For such a situation it would be nice to have the option to switch of the pronunciation of street names as they are not useful and only distracting and confusing.

    So, the feature request: Make pronunciation of street names configurable.

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