Android NMEA log visibility on Windows Explorer
  • I am not sure if this is an Android bug, a Windows bug, or a Navigator bug. It is surely an interaction of the 3.

    I found 12 log files in the Tools of Navigator 2.0.33

    I find 12 log files  using ESFileExplorer in 


    But if I connect my Nexus 5X running 6.0.1 to my Windows 7 PC and look with explorer, I only see 3 files.

    The 3 files are random from 2 months ago, 1 week ago, and yesterday - so it is not as if an update has made a difference. on a certain date.

    The other 9 files are invisible. Show hidden files is on.

    Not a big problem - I copied them to /Download using ESFileExplorer and then they become visible and I can move them to the PC to add to  my travel history.

    But it is a mystery as to why some files are visible and others aren't.

    It is not related to size. There are 2 large visible ones and one small one.  All the files have good data once I copied them to a different folder.

    Obviously not a high priority issue, but bringing it to your attention. If I can help you resolve it with further information, just ask.


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