Direction change problem
  • On my last trip, Navigator told me to stay on the same road and then suddenly told me to turn left without warning.
    This happened here (start: <wpt lat="50.89639388888889" lon="5.4213177777777775"> destination: <wpt lat="50.89076138888889" lon="5.429309166666667">).
    There are two problems:
    - it shouldn't have told me to stay on the same road (there was no way to slightly turn right or left).
    - the priority should have been given to the direction change over to the wrong "stay on the same road" instruction.

    Here's a screenshot:

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  • This is a long running issue/bug and has been mentioned before by @Oldie as well.
    In your screen shot you can cleary see a split road. Sometimes a multi-lane road is represented as a single road, but especially at intersections most of the times the roads are really represented as two oneway roads.

    In your example you first have to continue straight on to pass the first road on that intersection and then take a left.
  • Thank you for the message.
    What first road do you mean? Here?
    Apart from the left turn here, I don't see any road not angled enough to avoid being taken inadvertently by the driver.
    The screenshot is actually misleading, because all of those roads are one way and it's on a bridge. Even on osm, all the roads aren't correctly shown as one way.
  • there is only one manoeuvre with TomTom maps (turn left)

  • I only checked your image, not the openstreetmap data. You are right. It is not an intersection. It is a crossover completely separated from the other road.

  • I've checked it again, the road that Navigator doesn't want us to take is this one:
    While not being at 90° or more (as talked about here), the angle seems more than enough to prevent us to think it's the right way to follow.
    So I think the problem lies in the conversion process of the osm data for Navigator. Which would explain why there isn't such a problem with the TomTom maps if they aren't processed in the same way.
    The necessary angle to consider an intersecting road as not being possible to be confusing should probably be reduced.

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