Stop asking to buy TomTom maps
  • We are asked too often to buy TomTom maps.
    Even though I chose to use osm maps on the first start, even though I always tick the box to avoid future nagging at the start, I still receive these annoying  messages from time to time.
    I checked my prefs, there's a setting show_osm_warning set at false (not sure if it's about this or not).
    Is this message erroneously displayed after each app update? Or after each map update?
    If it's the intended behavior, please remove the box "don't ask me again".
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  • Hi mapper
    we are a commercial organisation, we do not get support from anybody
    we do have to make money, otherwise we could not keep developing Navigator.
    I hope you understand

  • Navigator free has a (quite small) price, and that is, what you call "nagging". Until now, I am willing to pay that "price", because I get the message only from time to time (after weeks or so).
  • Ok, so I guess it's the intended behavior.
    Yes, I understand, but please remove that useless checkbox then. I just had that message again a few minutes ago, the second time today:


    You may also want to nag your users less frequently.
    And some users (like me) won't ever buy TomTom maps, whatever how often you nag them. The only thing that nagging will achieve is to drive these users off your app and make them use a free and opensource one.
  • I fully agree with Tomas and Oldie, but I do think mapper is right to some extend.

    Why add a checkbox "Don't show me this message again" if you do get to see it every x times you start Navigator? It is completely superficious. It does nothing.

    With the new beta version and  the new marketing model where you can buy premium features like no more ads, alternative routes, etc (being a Google Play Tester), I would definitely asume this TomTom add will be removed as well once you select/buy the "no more ads" feature. If not Mapfactor has an issue with their "no more ads" feature.
  • I never noticed ads, so I guess the mentioned ads are those nag screens indeed.
    And I agree with you about this checkbox, it's especially annoying to have one that does nothing.
  • ads are in downloader only
  • The ads were during the download of maps.

    In the new 2.1.45 version you also get a full page add when exiting the app.
  • Now I remember.

    Sounds like more incentives are coming for the future premium version.

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