When in pedestrian, change to car mode if the speed is too high (or the distance too long)
  • If we last used MapFactor in pedestrian mode, when we plan a new route, MapFactor should suggest changing to the car mode if the distance of the trip is too high (maybe 40 km or more).

    Additionally, if MapFactor detects that, while being in the driving mode, we are moving too fast for too long (more than 20 km/h for 100 meter by example), it should automatically switch to the car mode. Automatically because we are already driving and can't easily interact with the device.

    It would avoid routing errors.

    The same thing could be done for switching between the bike mode and the car mode, with a higher speed/distance limit.
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  • I do understand why you want it and to some extend I really like it, but it definitely needs some tweaks.

    If we last used MapFactor in pedestrian mode, when we plan a new route, MapFactor should suggest changing to the car mode if the distance of the trip is too high (maybe 40 km or more).
    No, please not. If I'm on holiday in a big city I definitely have to use the navigation for distances less than 40 km. Please note that for creating a route, completely different speeds, priorities, road types, etc. are used to calculate a route. If you start on a pedestrian route in your car you might be given the advice to enter a pedestrian only road or something like that. Of course you would see that (I hope), but you might already be "in trouble" and way off your actual route.

    I do agree upon the 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraph on your post with one remark. You mention "It would avoid routing errors".
    Yes and no: It already starts with an incorrect route (therefore a routing error) and needs to do a recalculation to calculate the right route for the "auto switched" routing model. In a big city, driving relatively slowly in a car, this might also intervene with the cycling profile.

    Additional: I use a modified car profile with modified speeds and road priorities.**
    So when "auto" switching, which Car profile (in this case) should Navigator choose? It requires another setting in the profiles like a check box "default profile" for every kind of profile there is. When there is only one (in my case the pedestrian profile), it is easy: that one is the default. With more profiles of the same category, you need to make one as default. 
    Using some mechanism like that the auto-switch could work.

    **: Especially as Navigator is not entirely correct with calculation of the route duration through cities (as it does not take into account penalties like traffic lights, speed bumps and even crossings, etc.) and calculation of route duration in rural England is way off as the maximum speed of those roads calculated back to the average speed is never what you can make in real life. 
  • When I say 40 km, that's to prevent it to ask us to switch to car mode when we just want to plan a big walking trip. Without that, it will just stay in pedestrian mode, so I'm not sure why you don't want that feature, it can't be worse than now.
    About the auto-switch, I got on a motorway today while on the pedestrian mode. And Navigator continually told me that it was recalculating the route, and then that it didn't find any route. I tried restarting it but, obviously, it didn't change anything.
  • I did not say that I don't want it. I just mentioned some things to sort out. But in the first topic I made a big thinking error
    I thought it should switch to car when below 40 km (in a town), and that's exactly what I want when driving in a town. I don't understand how I could make such a big mistake.

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