Direction change: say the distance at the beginning of the driving instruction
  • Currently MapFactor driving instructions are like this: "Turn right... in 400 m", and so on until it becomes "Turn right".
    This is misleading because it's harder to know when we're actually going to have to turn. We have to wait a few seconds to see if a distance is going to follow. And if we didn't pay attention to the previous instructions, we may think we have to turn immediately.

    MapFactor should say "In 400 m... turn right", so when we just hear "Turn right", we don't risk missing the turn by waiting to check if that's the end of the instruction or not.
    By the way, that's how TomTom does it.

    I don't know if that kind of change is made across all languages or not, but it also applies to French and probably German, Dutch, etc.
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  • No I already fixed it in German TTS version. By switching to TTS too and editing the TTS.xml and navigation.xml you can achieve the same result. Or hope Mapfactor will apply it one day too all languages ;)
  • Thanks for the info!
    Too bad that MapFactor doesn't want to fix it, because the recorded voices sound much better than the TTS ones. :(
  • Depends on the TTS app you are using. I am using the German TTS voice from Google, and it is really good. But Google is not the only provider, maybe you'd be happy with another one.
  • I've installed Google and IVONA ones. I've also tried Acapela ones (not free), supposed to be great in French. They all sound not very natural, miles kilometers away from the recorded one.

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