APK Download for Android possible?
  • On my Samsung Galaxy Y Android 2.3 is the Play Store broken. It will be nice to download the apk-file. The Play Store installed before broken, a older version (1.6 and not 2.0). Maybe Version 2.0 will also work with Android 2.3.6.
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  • last available version for Android 2.3 is 1.6.20
  • i have 1.6.30 installed :)
    And Beta 2.0.31 works not....

    I see that the beta apk download is not 2.0.33, maybe because of the google play testing area.

    Happy New Year. :)
  • We ended support of ARMv6 CPUs(which were still used on some Android 2.3 devices). Navigator 2.0.31 was compiled for ARMv7 but the APK had information that it is ARMv6 compatible(thats why you are able to install it but not to run). 1.6.30 version is last version which supports ARMv6 CPUs.

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