ETA exactly 4 hours out
  • Navigator 15 running on Philips CED1800BT. GPS set to automatically update system time (and it does - altered radio time and then switched automatically adjust and time reset back to GPS time). In the Select panes screen Navigator 15 time is exactly 4 hours ahead of GPS. Looks like I'm in the incorrect time zone but there is not an option to set the time zone in Navigator 15
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  • may be you have incorrect system time, please check that
  • No. The system time (it takes it from the GPS) is correct but after booting into cemd I have found that the time zone is set to 8 hours ahead (Seattle) so in fact the arrival time is 8 hours early (not 4 hours). The GPS time is correct but the unit is using the time zone to 'adjust' the time. Unfortunately I am unable to get the unit to remember the time zone. There will be a lot of people in the same boat as it took many attempts to hack into the unit (and most people won't bother). What it needs is a menu setting which allows a time zone offset of the gps time

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