Alarm and map rotation on new tablet/instal SOLVED
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A / MFN 2.0.30-DEVELOP OSM USA Texas map installed 11 Dec.

    Very strange but on first test navigating on trip of ~150 miles on highway with speed limits in OSM map at each minor road crossing an alarm would sound and the map would rotate to the angle of the minor road then rotate back.  On a highway with no speed limits in the map there was no alarm but the map would still rotate.  Driving @ 60mph speed limit 70.  No car profile set.

    On a slightly older nook HD+ with rooted custom ROM MFN 2.0.30 and probably month old map navigation is normal.  Also using external GPS receiver on the nook.  But no map rotation at minor road crossings.

    Anyone have any ideas why the new Tab A and new instal would rotate the map?  I finally muted the sound as only way to get rid of the alarms.  Sounded like a very sick goose.

    Edit:  Changed tag to General from Feature Requests


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  • More  strange happenings.  I had to pair and use a bluetooth keyboard to post this.  Multiple android devices and browsers failed to enter data in the entry box at end of threads.   When the box was tapped to enter data, cursor and keyboard would appear then disappear.  Behavior started shortly after posting the above.  I attempted to edit "Feature Requests" tag when problems began.

    Have y'all seen this before?

  • try to reset your device
    just power down and up again
  • Multiple devices. Galaxy Tab A Lollipop 5.0.2. Nook HD+ CWM Jellybean 4.2.2.

    Using a Bluetooth keyboard works with nook. Galaxy S5 Lollipop 5.0.1 works.

    Behavior is only on this forum. Other forums are normal.

  • After some prolonged troubleshooting I found the reason for the strange map rotation and alarms. It seems that the GPS radio in the Samsung Tab A is so inaccurate that (even when fixed) the location was bouncing all over the place.

    I was able to pin it to the radio by running both tablets side by side with the same nav app, first MFN and then ALK. The symptoms were different depending on the app but after a good amount of testing I decided to use a Bluetooth GPS receiver on the problem Tab A.

    No weird rotation or alarms with a SIRF 5hz receiver. I was happy to find the cause but disappointed at the same time - the reason I bought the Tab A was on board GPS.

    Apparently the GPS was momentarily putting me on each crossroad I passed, rotating to the crossroad angle and then back to the highway I was on. The symptoms on ALK CoPilot were equally perplexing but I won't go into them here.

    On another note, I'm still having keyboard problems on the tablets but no problems with my SGS5 phone. Problems are just with this forum.

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