Using smartphone as GPS navigator in a car
  • Hi,
    I try to use the Mapfactor as GPS navigator while driving. Usually I use the Flight mode but once I forgot to switch it on and when I received call - navigator +map disappeared and I saw only "calling interface"... I tried to reset it but it appeared again and again :)  .
    Then once I forgot to switch my phone to "normal mode" from "Flight mode" and missed lot of calls.

    What mode (flight or automatic rejecting calls) do you use in your smartphone when you use it as GPS navigator?
    Is there any special programs which can keep a call in background mode and I could speak with a caller by using bluetooth?
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  • Not that I know. I do not automatically accept calls, so I need the call interface anyway. I bring Navigator to the foreground manually. So may be this is something with your calling app.
  • I don't know. May be with my calling app... I don't accept calls automatically to but when somebody calls it appears on the phone screen (as usual) and I don't see navigator in this time.
    My be I need to set up my calling app in my Samsung S3? How you brought Navigator to the foreground exactly?
  • I don't accept calls in the car unless I'm on a straight motorway with kilometers to go: It's too dangerous.
    In the very rare occasion I get called in the car, I simply refuse it. I push the menu button in the bottom-left of my phone (hardware button on my s5 mini) and get the list of apps. I tap MNF and ready.

  • Unfortunately I don't know what is "MNF" I didn't found it in my S3. But in the intenet only found "Monday Night Football" :)
    Well I understood that for me most easiest way it is Flight mode.
  • I think MNF is mapfactor navigator.
  • Yes, indeed. MNF is the Mapfactor Navigator Free app. Sorry :)

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