Replacing Kudos Navigation with Navigator on Eonon head unit - Success!
  • I recently purchased a Eonon 7" head unit with navigation for my '2000 528i. The head unit came with the Kudos navigation and maps on the sd card, but I wasn't liking it. So I went to the MapFactor website and selected the link for Navigator Free using my laptop. I ran the setup program and followed all the instructions and installed to my formatted micro sd card, then again following the instructions, I downloaded the Florida maps. Piece of cake.

    Without any file manipulation whatsoever, I just powered up the head unit, selected the navigation path under settings, inserted the new sd card with Navigator, and it showed up on the list. I went thru the basic setup for the gps and it located the receiver automattically. Then I started Navigator and it loaded and worked without a hitch, except for the small "back" button and my fat finger conflict as noted in my previous post. It I can get that resolved, I'll be looking at purchasing their truck software for my service business. Kudos to MapFactor (no pun intended).
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  • please post screenshot if you can

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