Trying to move My Places to a new phone...
  • My old phone was an LG running Android 4.1.2 and I had lots of "My Places" on the SD card. I moved my SD card to my new LG running Android 5.1.1

    I had used Android Assistant to move the entire MapFactor app to the SD card, then just popped it into my new phone. The "My Places" are there, but the maps can NOT be updated on the new phone.

    So my question is really two fold.
    First, I need to save "my Places" in a safe place, and move them to another copy of my OLD 4.1.2 phone.
    The "My Places" are the most important files, I can always download the maps again... So what do I save and copy to safe place. The .GPX files? Or what and where are the waypoints I have saved in the "My Places?"

    Second, do I just download all the OSM maps again on the 5.1.1 phone?
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  • WOW, I did a search and found the answer to my question

    I too wanted to copy "my places" to a new phone the file is called: "favourites.xml"

    it is located in the :

    " android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/ " folder.

    I just copied it to my new phone, and all the "My Places / Waypoints " are now there.


    I too want to copy "my places" (favourites.xml)
  • If you have used Android Assistant to backup the app, you have obtained an apk file that does not contain your settings, just like when you download the app from the play store the first time. That's what backup app do, as far as I know.
    Maps can be copied too, just like you did with the favourites file. You just have to locate the correct folder.
  • That may depend on your operating system.
  • if it is Android then android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • It says permission is denied during the transfer process.
  • "It" is who, the phone or an app, eventually which app?
  • connect to PC and copy that way
  • In my opinion , it is the app , the question for this thread is how to transfer data between Android and Android phone .looking at Android transfer program 
    In fact , this is not a difficult question , you can connect your phone to computer ,then , using some effective tools to do it , 

  • @ WooMent
    I see what you mean ,it is easier to transfer data on the same two phones than to transfer data on two different phones,
    Tutorial :
  • Run Android Mobile Manager on your PC, connect both your old and new Android devices, preveiw and choose the data you want, back up them on your computer and restore them on your new Android, it is very safe and easy to achieve.
    How to transfer SMS from Android to Android

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