Unable to rate Navigator in playstore
  • Hi, just tried to rate navigator in the play store after downloading latest play store version to my tablet, however I get  a message saying because I am using the test version I am not allowed to write a review.
    I have the test version on my phone and the play store version on my tablet just updated today from the play store. (was trying to submit the review on the tablet).
    Tablet version 2.0.30-DEVELOP. I think the develop should not be in on the play store release version, or I am wrong?

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  • don't you have version 2.0.31?
  • Hi Thomas, no. Updated the app just before that post and when I checked the version it was 2.0.30. The version on my phone is 2.0.31, but that is downloaded from the mapfactor website. I like to keep the stable version on my tablet.
  • 2.0.30 is stable, others can rate it
  • Well that helps thanks a lot.


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