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  • Hello together,

    I'm using Mapfactor now for about 3 years and there is one thing I still don't like.

    The search function:
    - I'm missing a cancel button to get back to the main screen faster
    - There is no free word search available (I have to type in the country, then the city and so on): it should be possible to type in anything and the search engine should show the results that were found

    The other things are really perfect. I'm using now the version 2 beta and I really like the fresh design of the map (hardware renderer). Thank you so much for making this app

    Best regards,
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  • press menu button in Search to get back to map or Search

  • The "free word search" is already available in Search, tab Google. Of course only working if internet connection is on.
  • Hello together,

    Thank you for the replies. Unfortunately I can't find the menu button. Where is that button?

    Thank you.

    Best regards
  • I have complained about the lack of menu button in search many times in the past. You just have to keep pressing the back button until you get back to the main screen, or you can press the Android home button then from notifications return to navigator which pops you back to the map. Thomas means the hardware menu button on the phone (which many new phones don't have any more I have a motorola which only has the android software buttons) You can also pick show on map which will bring you out of the search function.
  • My phone does not have the hardware menu button...

    Perhaps it is easier to add a software button.
  • software button is added in devices without hw button
  • +1 for better offline (full text) search in osm data
  • I only have the software menu button in the main menu and on the map. I don't have this button in the search function. How can I add the button to the search function?

    Thank you best regards.
  • You can't and you are correct there is no menu button in the search function.
  • @Developers: can you please add the menu button to the search function for devices without hardware keys?
    Thank you very much
  • Thank you. It's easier, but I stillt think the search engine should include a software menu button.

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