Choosing street / number problem
  • Hi, I have folllowing problem: when choosing the street which has many numbers it do not apear as one street but as list of street parts in respective areas to choose from eg: Dietla street after choosing shows as: Dietla, Grzegorzki Dietla Polaczenie and Dietla Srodmiescie.
    The problem is I dont know in which part is the number I am looking for so I need to choose every one and look up if requested number is there.
    Can it be switched off so street shows as one and then to choose street number? So not three parts of Dietla as example but one?

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  • She or he is right. I also would have streets as one street not divided in suburbs, where I do not know to which suburb the number belongs.
  • Anybody dealed with that? Come on, help with this issue...
  • how do you propose that is would work?
    a lot of long streets have unconnected links, sometimes due to missing name, sometimes interrupted by roundabout
    and sometimes it would be quite wrong to marge them together - I remember that one street in Hannover continues to Laatzen and both part can have the same numbers
  • This has been discussed more often. Some streets are within one city and simply lead you through several suburbs. In this case the numbering is uniform and we should only see one street. If all suburbs (with the same admin level) fall into one admin level of the city, then it should be one street.

    Your example of Hannover to Laatzen is a common one: A road is so long that it leads through several municipalities. The surrounding admin level is no longer a city but a region. In that case it is right to have the same street split over the municipalities.

    And yes:  there is always a percentage that is hard to assign to a specific suburb/neigborhood/hamlet/village etcetera.
  • but I think that roads are linked by admin area, in narda's example it is two admin areas, that is the problem
  • Well, I suggest to do like in all other navigation systems: If there a street starting in Hannover it has a part of numbers in Hannover and other part in Laatzen with the rest of number , so when I am searching for this street in Hannover it gives access to number in Hannover. If I look for Laatzen I can put numbers avail in Laatzen. You choose City BEFORE street and number. And still we are not talking about road going via different cities but different parts of the same city. BTW Hannover and Laatzen - nice place, good food and fantastic people :) Good memories from Cebit.
  • yes Cebit :-)
    problem is that there are same numbers in laatzen and Hannover - if we merge them it would be confusing
  • I think Hannover is our minor problem and shouldn't be our example. Let's find a solution for the other 99,999 %.
    One workaround could be to show the several parts whith their numbers like
    Whatever Street 1-25
    Whatever Street 26-50
  • That seems like a good idea -  put number range visible. But my question is why it works different than in all other navigation systems? Does it have to be this way?

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