Map PC download vs. Android download
  • People are complaining here quite often about download via Android app. I do understand that now.

    The setup utility indicated a new map this morning. I could download Germany South with approx. 1.1 MB/sec. At the same time I checked my new installation on my new phone and it offered the same map for download. That download got stuck at 135 MB, presumably because at an unattended moment the phone went to sleep. So I had to skip that download, change the sleep time of the phone to 30 min. and restart download. It started from scratch. That is now my time used and MFs band width ...

    Having done this, the download on the phone was finally as fast as on the PC.

    So if MF will not implement preventing the phone to go to sleep during downloads I may not forget to do that manually - and set it back afterwards.
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  • This sometimes happens to me as well, but when you use a torrent download you simply start the download again and it easily continues where it stopped without a problem.
    To me that's the great advantage of torrent downloads.

    I never do a direct download
  • Here direct download is - if it is working - much faster than torrent download. That is, why I switched that.

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