Save current GPS position
  • I was in Devon at a place called Lee Abbey in a rural area. As I wished to return here the following day I saved the GPS location as "Lee Abbey". The following day, when I went to "My Places" and clicked on Lee Abbey, it appears to have over-ridden my place with a Lee Abbey somewhere near Cardiff in Wales. When I returned to the spot, I re-saved it as "XCW" and that was fine. So, it would appear that somewhere the program is finding a POI with a name match and over-riding my GPS position with another held on a database?
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  • I tried what you describe, but could not replicate
    saved GPS position was correct as I saved it
  • I have tried to recreate it now I am 100 miles away and could not do so either. Weird. Will follow up with further test in a week or so.

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