Which tags are neede to make motorway exit destinations visible in Mapfactor?
  • I'm trying to improve the mapping on the dutch A30, since a lot of destination tags are simply wrong, but on some occasions I just don't see the problem.
    In Mapfactor, on node 45020357, approaching from the north, I get at the exit the blue square, giving the desitnation Ede, Exit2. This is correct.
    On the next exit however, node 840916326, the blue square gives the destinations that are given for the motorway going straight through. Comparing the tags on both nodes I can not find the big difference why mapfactor decides to give the wrong destination. Is tihs a tagging issue, or a bug in mapfactor?
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  • Hi,
    It's not the node 840916326 you need to modify. It's this road segment just before the junction and the 2 road segments just after the junction: the one going on and the exit.

    You need the destination:lanes tag (for the blue road signs), combined with the turn:lanes for the grey/yellow/green/red arrows on the bottom of your screen.

    For example: take a look at the A50 just before the cloverleaf Hattemerbroek (http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/6511856#map=18/52.48212/6.02981). Please take a look at that segment and the two segments after it. You will see it. Same for the other segments around that cloverleaf.

    Or slightly further: the A28 around Zwolle with its exists.

    Please note that when using the destination:lanes and turn:lanes, it is better to remove the general destination tag on the raod segment before the junction/exit. That general one can stay on the parts without exits and junctions. So after it and "some distance" before the junction/exit starts.
    I prefer about 2 km of road having the tags, but that's a mappers preference and there have been really fierce discussions about the topic worldwide. 
  • Thanks for your remarks. I already noticed that adding the destination:lanes and turn:lanes do improve it. I added then on other exits. Then I saw that node 45020357, which also does not have any destination:lanes and turn:lanes on the adjacent roads, suddenly did give the correct exit, even with exit number. I just can not
    figure out what the reason is why node 45020357 works correctly and node 840916326 does not.
  • Putting "destination" (without :lanes) on this way is much easier and has already been done. I see no tagging problem here. "Destination:lanes" should be used on complex cases.
  • I do not agree. "destination" was first as tag. And indeed it is much simpler. It could still be used for simple exits.
    However, on motorways on cloverleafs with multiple lanes the destination:lanes in combination with turn:lanes is strongly advised. We try to follow the motorway signs themselves. It the signs above the road and next to the road are simple, then keep the tagging simple. If the motorway signs show multiple lanes, etcetera then please use those.
    Please don't go for the simple solution only because it saves you time.
  • What's complex about the exit "Industrieterrein Ede"?
  • That's not complex, but that's not how this topic started. It started with a question on how to tag them and an explanation about destination, destination:lanes and turn:lanes.

    My reply on your reaction even contains as first paragraph that it can still be used for simple exits. 

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