How to lower the voice sound level?
  • Hi !

    In my car, I use my smartphone SamsungS3 to play my mp3 playlist and the Map Factor audio guidance in the same time (simultaneously). 

    My smartphone is connected with blue tooth at my car stereo Alpine 185BT and so there is only one channel received by my car stereo with 2 sounds mixed: music and voice Map Factor. So I can't set levels sounds differents for each app which are simultaneously play.

    In my case the voice Map Factor is really very very high and is not well to drive. But may be for others users it is the reverse.

    My question is: "how adjust the level sound different of each app which simultaneously play?"

    Is it possible or is it a feature request?

    Thanks for your answer.
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  • in navigator settings/advanced is use custom volume but it doesnt work with TTS
  • I have check:
     - in settings / advanced: personnal level voice

    - in setiings / languages for voice and app:
            - défault language: french
    - voice motor: records voices
    - Voice language: French: Map Factor

    Isn't it a good checking for use custom volume?

    I have not TTS select, but in voice motor I have "Google synthétics voice"
    Is "Google synthétics voice" TTS voice??

    Thanks for your help.
  • yes, "Google synthétics voice" is TTS. To make it working you should use "voice motor: records voices".

    "personnal level voice" is "use custom volume" (I am sorry I wrote menu items how it is in english)
  • If I understand you well my settings are corrects to use custom volume.
    Because I don't use TTS voices. It's a good news. : - ))

    And now when I use the volume control of my SansungS3 it's seem to me there is a difference. So I'll test this in my car with my car stereo.

    But to mix simultaneously this 2 channels when my car is stopped (because it seems to me dangerous to wait an announcement and quickly mix while I'm driving), do you know if there is a test long speech to set up these sounds mixed? (I'm sorry if I'm demanding, but my ears are weakened and very sensitive to the sounds level)

    I don't believe, but perhaps I have not seeing!

    Thanks for your help.
  • I did similar test by setting simulation in city and set it to maximum speed.

    When you have open navigator you control volume of navigator, when you are out of navigator you control volume of other apps
  • Great idea with the simulation !!!!

    Thanks a lot
  • How do you speed up the simulation??
  • drag the flashing light, bottom right, to the left

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