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  • Hello

    For me, in the last update, there are many announcements that are not useful, too often and break my favorites songs that I listen when I drive.

    These announcements are:
    - more 500 meters before manoeuvres (1000m, 2000m and more are not useful).
    - "Carry on straight ahead". Why to say to me "Carry on straight ahead"? It seems to me that normally, if I hear no announcements .... I have to "go straight ahead" isn't it? Lol!!

    I know that I need to edit navigation.xml file then delete some lines of  text.

    I use French language but I don't know what text do I need to delete the text? 

    And In what language, "Fr" or "any_other"?

    Thanks for your help.
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  • Turn off settings/'pl:nawigacja szczegółowa'

    More information how and what delete, please look at earlier posts, or give me one example, which announcement would You like to delete.
  • Hi PrzemekSupak.

    I specify that I don't want delete all the announcements but only 
    - those which are too far (500 meters and more) before the maneuver and whatever the maneuver .
    - those which are useless ( e.g. "Carry on straight ahead")

    So I think that "Turn off settings/'pl:nawigacja szczegółowa" is not the solution. But thanks for the idea. ; - )

    In text of navigation.xml file all the maneuvers are listed and the voice call this text for every languages. So I think that perhaps to delete some text (like as below) in this file it's the solution.

    Original text:
          <!-- Roundabout in [100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000] [meters, yards, kilometers, miles]. Take the [first, second, ... twentieth] exit -->

    corrected text:
          <!-- Roundabout in [100, 200, 300, 400] [meters, yards, kilometers, miles]. Take the [first, second, ... twentieth] exit -->

    In the corrected text I have delete this: Roundabout in [100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000] [met ..... 

    I don't know the informatic language and I don't want to do a mistake and never run my Map Factor !  : -((

    What do you think of my solution?

    Best regards.
  • settings/'pl:nawigacja szczegółowa" means "fr:navigation détaillées", and english 'detailed navigation' in navigator/settings.
    Turn it off (uncheck) and You should not hear "Carry on straight ahead".

    As far as I remember:

    " Roundabout in [100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000] [meters, yards, kilometers, miles]. Take the [first, second, ... twentieth] exit "

    is only topic, small information, but You are almost there.
    The next lanes tell You, what You hear. Translation from computer to language, is in tts.xml file.

    1. the first lane "Roundabout in..." is only information.
    2. the next is the same as above, but in computer language (look at two types of roundabout).
    3. 3-5 or 3-7 lanes are translated in tts.xml file. You hear it step by step.

    Look at the second point (2.). The most specific, for Your language, is under "fr:", but the rest under "all_other".

  • Hi !

    Uncheck "detailed navigation" in navigator/settings it's a real good idea to   not hear "Carry on straight ahead". I had not seen this setting option. Thanks lot.

    I looked in the tts.xml file and if I understand you, when I delete the text below in section "fr" of this file

        <text>dans deux kilomètres</text>
        <text>dans un kilomètre</text>
        <text>dans cinq cent mètres</text>

    This text is no longer called by the synthetic voice and these announcements are no heard.

    Do I understand correctly?

    PS: thank you for your explanations about the function of each line in the .xml files. Now I can replicate the model in the others sections of .xml files. ; - ))
  • Yes, but unfortunatelly You can hear all other tolken of this section: "Roundabout...turn left", and it will be '1km' before this roundabout.
    I think it is not possible change it too much.
  • That's what I thought! : -((

    Is it the solution changing the algorithm with a new feature in the settings like as below?

    "Check the announcement distance before the maneuver"
          ¤ 100   ¤ 200    ¤ 300    ¤ 400    ¤ 500    ¤ 1000     ¤ 2000 

    Do you think that it's a great working to add this parameter in the algorithm ?
  • Why not!, but for me now it is o.k., because now, sometimes voice tell us not exactly correct turn, - it is better to have few second for checking road on the map.
    Just test it for few days.
  • OK, I understand why there are all this announcements.
    But all way long they are tiring and annoying.
    And then each will choose her distance for his announcements. : - ))

    If you want I can help you to test the beta version of this new function.
    As you want! 

    Best regards.
  • PS: To have few second for checking road on the map perhaps forbidden to uncheck 100 and 200 before the maneuver? It's just an idea. : - )) 

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