Flaw when turning on same road
  • Hi,

    I have to take a turn but stay on the same road: (L662 going N->S)

    Where all other nav systems then give a "turn left" indication, MapFactor stays silent. Not obvious from the street situation, continuing straight on the "main road" is obviously wrong.

    Here is what OSM thinks about the routing. Other OSM-based nav systems can deal with it.

    Pls fix such situations - thx.

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  • If you look at Google Earth https://www.google.de/maps/@46.7767115,15.5243142,391m/data=!3m1!1e3, it really should say turn left there (if you simply look at maps of Google, it looks somewhat straight). But I experienced similar behaviour at other places.

    By the way, OSM maps are much, much, much more detailed at this place as Google map is ...
  • The issue is with terrible angles - both roads, on the OSM map, have left turn. It would be better to add more nodes on the crossroad, to make 'straight' road more smoother, and make it more true (straight should be straight).
    It should improve routing (interpolation).

  • If you look at the bing photo, you even can see seperate left turn lanes for Seggaubergstra├če and the street before. So if OSM data are more specific, MFN will ask for a left turn, I guess.
  • Best way to improve data would be to add turn:lanes coming from north. No idea if Mapfactor would consider it for turn announcements, though.
  • I added turn:lanes according Bing aerial.

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