routing point navigation bug
  • Hi,
    I found a few bugs in routing point navigation.

    1. when you have a track list with more routing points that fit in ones on screen the scrolling through the list will check the visited points again.
    2. when manually checking/ unchecking routing points with active navigation the route will be caclulated everytime while checking. This is not really functional.
    3. when you navigate with such a long list, the navigator craches everytime after 4 visited points. When you navigate on motorbike without display do get no info about the crashed app, because you get no feedback over bluetooth.
    4. I have some helpful hints for displayless navigation. For voice commands which will be better than the actual. Are you interrested in some unique features? Let me know.
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  • Addon:
    when you have loaded routing point list it would be very helpfull when the points are shown in the map view. Actual it is only shown in navigation mode. But then it is not really possible to add addional points, because the new calculation every time.
  • 1. I think this was already fixed, please install the latest version
    2. usually, one would uncheck only one waypoint, but we will have a look
    3. I think this was already fixed, please install the latest version
    4. please let us know
    5. waypoints are shown in map view, not sure why you think otherwise
  • @Tomas: for 1 & 3: Do you mean this announcement by mdx about "passed waypoints"? It's not the same but touches the same functionality. It is not yet in the play store.
  • it is on staged rollout, it will be release fully soon, providing no major problems arise
  • @thomas: yes you are right. Point 5 is working. The last time I had that problem.
    1.6.20 is my version. I will wait until staged rollout to see if the others are solved. One other: the first way point is changed to actual poisition. So the first planned is not on route. Would be better not to swap.
  • if you do not want one or more waypoints, you can delete it in Route info
  • No, the meaning is an other. When I load a routing tour (waypoint list) and the first way point (start) is not the same like my actual GPS position, the first way point will be swaped to the actual GPS position. This caused the list not to route to the original first way point. Understandable?
  • navigation always start from your GPS position, try Tools/Calculate route

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