Show track up when not navigating?
  • Hello all, I am new to MapFactor and like it a lot, but have some questions.  I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" running Android 4.4.2.  This tablet does not have a magnetic compass sensor (not sure if that is an issue).  I want to have the map always display my track up even when just driving and not navigating.  I have Map Mode set to 2D.  Currently it shows my track up when navigating, but north up when not.  I explore on my motorcycle and most of the time I am not navigating a set route.  Am I missing a setting or is this not possible?
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  • Maybe I just missed some information, but: How should the map always show your track when in fact there isn't any track because you are not in navigation mode ...?
    Did you set a start and destination point and calculated a route you wish to be displayed permanently?
    Or do you mean the visibility of gpx tracks?
  • What I want to see is the map rotate to place the direction I am heading at the top of the display.  Garmin GPSs do this by setting Map View to either track up or north up.  I am exploring therefore I do not have a specific destination, but of course I am always heading in some direction and that direction should be up with the map rotated to agree with it.  In this way whatever shows toward the top of the display is what you are driving toward.  Hopefully this makes it more clear.
  • I don't understand either. When I drive in my car without having a navigation active, the cursor simply follows the road I'm driving.
    If you want to see in another color where you have driven, you need to switch on the gpx (or nmea) track and it will draw the driven track in the gpx color.
  • Yes, but if you are driving South the cursor goes toward the bottom of the display for example.  What I am saying that in this case the map should rotate to show South at the top of the display.  It is much easier to anticipate curves, etc if what ever is ahead is at the top.  In other words the road that you are driving should always be pointing up.  The same as when you are following a route, that route always points up.  I don't need the color to change or show a track.
  • As hvdwolf indicated, normally in map mode Navigator behaves exactly as you expect it to be.

    Are you using the latest version?
    Check settings for map . 2D - north always up should NOT be chosen.
  • I downloaded MapFactor for the first time two weeks ago so I assume that it is the latest version. 
    I do not have 2D - north always up chosen, but that is the way it is displaying. 
    When I am navigating my route points up (expected) and when not navigating north is up all the time (not expected). 
    Has anyone out there used a Garmin GPS with Map View set to Track Up?  If so, is that the way Navigator operates for you? 
    Is the fact that my Tab 4 tablet does not have a magnetic sensor causing this problem?
  • try to click the three-mode button, bottom right in map view
  • Perfect!  Something so simple, but I overlooked it.  Thank you tomas, chattiewoman and hvdwolf for your assistance.  It's great to get answers so quick.  Also thanks to all who developed Navigator.
  • I believe that Wayne was referring to (what is known in other GPS navigation Apps as) the "Heading" setting.  I am looking for the same information.  How do I set the Heading so that the direction of travel always shows as "UP" on the device screen, whether using a track, or not?

  • use the same button

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