TomTom maps and upgrades?
  • I am considering buying the TomTom maps available for the Android Navigator app. 

    I have two major questions that keep me from pushing the button right now:

    TomTom updates their maps 4 times a year (I also have a TomTom device with lifetime maps). Do the TomTom maps purchased in Navigator get updated on a regular basis as well?  

    What is the mechanism to migrate the purchased TomTom maps to a new device when the current one bites the dust or I upgrade hardware?

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  • Hi,
    TomTom maps are indeed released four times  per year, but updates are not free, discounted to approx half.
    there is no need to update with every release, ani ime in the future will do.

    licence can be transferred, you would need to email
  • Can you confirm when a tomtom map update will contain road speed changes for France?
  • I notice that tomtom map releases via their web pages states that Version of the map: 10.11 includes the new 80 km change.Can you confirm the release being offered to me via the app contains this change?
  • we have received July data, but it will not be available for a few weeks
    please be patient
  • so it not in the current map update being offered to me via the app?
  • it takes time to process map data, it is not one day job
  • I'm still waiting for the tomtom map update for France which was released in July. You say it's not a one day job, just how long of a job is it! By the time you get it released there'll be another release.
    I can no longer support the product because of the VERY Slow update process and recommendation has to go to your competitors.
    Good day.
  • I already have latest France and maps have been updated
    we release it once all maps have been processed and tested
  • Am I not supposed to get early map releases for testing purpose, surly that is how you test them?  2 and a half months later after tomtom release is just poor, very poor!
  • it is not released yet, not all maps have been processed
  • What you don't mention @tomas is that an additional fee is required to update Tomtom maps. Perhaps @sysadm doesn't realise this.
  • Of course I do, €8!
  • @sysadm, glad to hear that you do. Some people don't.
  • Our crew of specialists has years of experience in fixing the issues of maps and navigation gadgets. If are u facing any of problem Using Tom Tom Update Contact Us.

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