NavFree Setup 14.2 Utility cannot apply application update
  • My Setup Utility for PC wants to update itself:
    As long it is not, I cannot install new maps that way.

    However, I choose to install the installer update, and it downloads - but it doesn't install, so I come to first step over and over again.
    How to solve that?
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  • Are you using Windows XP?
    That happened to me also, endless loop, but just on XP, in WIN 7 and 10 it installed correctly.

    IF XP, look for the other thread dealing with that problem and IIRC use the downloaded setup.dat, after extractcting it with 7z.

  • Try uninstall 'setup' manually and download new from www... .
    If there is an issue with start setup15, try run it in admin, or compatibile mode.
  • I am using Win7.
    And I was able to install it freshly without uninstalling the old version first. Now I have both versions :-P (of course I will uninstall old version)

    @MapFactor Please fix the reason
    It could be caused by the 12x version incorrectly updated to 14x. When update for 14x was available, it installed itself without problems at that time, but everything was still stored in the 12x folder, from where now the upgrade to 15x failed.
  • I could do the update but:
    - the setup utility is a 15
    - it installs the maps I download in another directory, I have to copy them manually
    - and the Navigator itself seems to be a 14, not a 15. I have only one PC_Navigator executable on my computer

    I'm running Win 7 under a user who is local admin.

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